Data Media Scale software is designed to work seamlessly with all indicators on the market.

With our software, the information coming from the balance is processed into the database and reporting processes are carried out.

Where to use?

In Cooperatives and Businesses Carrying out Milk Collection
In Cooperatives and Businesses Carrying Out Rose Harvesting
In Cooperatives and Businesses Carrying out Tea Collection
Vehicle (Truck, Truck, Trailer, etc.) Weighing in Places
In Places Buying Manufactured Products

What Does It Gain?

Since the program information is received with the help of barcode and digitally from the scale, it prevents errors and prevents unnecessary time and money loss and saves you money.
It Saves You Logistics Time By Combining Many Buying Points Online.
It performs your reporting with one click..

With the barcode milk collection automation we have developed for the cooperatives that collect milk and collect milk, the milk coming to the milk pre-purchase center is transferred to the database in an error-free manner thanks to the digital scale, and it gives the producer the total amount of milk given in 1 month, especially the amount of milk in the morning, evening and day. In our software, which can be easily used by companies that have more than one milk collection point or collect milk with mobile vehicles, we can combine all information with a single software and prepare and account for all legal documents. Please contact us for detailed information..

Language Support: English, Turkish…