Data Media Commercial is a big project set out to produce turnkey solutions for all businesses.

It is a chain of programs in which all pre-accounting, costing and returns can be followed in the process from production to sales in chain stores.


Our Main Modules:

Current Account Module: It is the module where all the current account records of the enterprise (Buyers, Sellers, etc.) can be kept as unlimited as group, private group and transactions and reports can be made about them.

Inventory Module: It is the module where unlimited records of all raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products etc. are kept and reports of these are taken.

Invoice Module: All legal invoice expenses, return invoices and so on. It is the module where invoices can be issued.

Waybill Module: Sales, return and so on. These are the modules in which dispatches are warned and converted into invoices within 7 days.

Check Module: This module is used for portfolio management of check transactions. 3 days before the day comes.

Deed Module: Deed module. 3 days before the day comes.

Collection Module: Fully integrated with the current module where collection receipts are issued.

Disbursement Module: This is the module for disbursement transactions.

Production Module: It is a full integration module where production recipes are prepared.

Installment Module: It is a full integration module in which the installments are made.

Field Sales Module: This module is used for mobile sales in the field. It works integrated with Backoffice program.

Warehouse / Salesperson Module: This module can be defined as warehouse and unlimited placer.

Retail Module: It is a full integration module that accelerates Retail Sales.

Cash Register Integration Module: It is a module that communicates directly with certain cash registers or with backoffice programs.

Sales / Design / Design Module with Barcode: It is a user-friendly module where all the designs can be made by the user.

Enclosure Module: Full integration enclosure module.

Credit Card Module: Integrated with the bank module

Bank Module: It is the module where bank transactions can be made.

Personnel Module: It is the module where personnel advance work entry and exit and some personal information is kept.

Order Module: It is the module where the orders received and recorded are recorded.

Debt / Receivables / Taxes Module: Full integration is the current module where the tax is monitored.

Address Book Module: It is the module where you can make address label design and batch printing.

Agenda Module: This is an office module that reminds you of your daily routine to other users and you.

Technical Service Module: It is specially designed for companies that perform technical service operations.

Reporting Module: Unlimited reporting, Cube reporting etc. user-friendly interface.

Design / Design Module: Advanced design module that can be designed simply by the user.

Online Module: It is the module that enables the use of programs online from all over the world.

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